With nearly 20 years of performance experience behind me, I have been lucky to have had the opportunity, to share with folks, from all walks of life, what it is like to be hypnotized.

In every performance, as the curtain opens or as I appear on stage, I spend several minutes getting to know my audience and share some astounding mind demonstrations that get the show off to an energetic start.

In each and every show, I invite a dozen or more guests to come forward. In very little time they are all experiencing some of the fun that mild hypnosis brings on. Within minutes nearly everyone has drifted way down into the relaxation of deep hypnosis.

For those reading this that may be unfamiliar with hypnosis, you may be interested to know that hypnosis is really a very natural state of mind in which the subconscious mind is allowed to interact and manage the conscious mind. It works in a similar manner to the way you might unconsciously react when you see someone yawn across the room. In my show, I am able to heighten the effects of this condition in some very astonishing ways. But throughout the show I can assure you, there is never anything presented that could be considered a way to embarrass the participants.

Often what makes a hypnosis show so enjoyable is its unpredictability. No two shows have ever been identical as the volunteers in each show are never identical. Two different people can react in very different ways to exactly the same hypnotic suggestion. Consequently, watching what some folks do in hypnosis can sometime seem bizarre or unexpected for me as well as the audience…but for the audience it’s always hilarious.

Throughout the show, I implant certain hypnotic commands using the power of suggestion. As a result, my guests find that they able to react with remarkable side splitting, laugh evoking actions exactly as if each moment were actually real to them. It doesn’t matter how incredibly zany or impossible the suggestions might seem out of hypnosis... they can't resist following them.

Each performance is tailored along the way to maximize fun for everyone and I am continually manipulating the situation to capitalize on those individual “stars of the show” that react to hypnosis the most expressively.

At the end of each show, having brought all of the guests back out of hypnosis for the final time the fun continues to build. At this time suggestions referred to as “post hypnotic suggestions” begin to take effect. This is when instructions given under hypnosis earlier are oddly carried out even after all hypnosis has been totally removed. Once you see post hypnotic suggestions being folloed or better still…once you feel it… you’ll never forget it.

I hope that this brief description helps to give you a bit more understanding of how the show is carried out. I will end here, by providing you with a list of some of hypnotic suggestions you might see people do in your show. Just imagine seeing your friends or colleagues in these situations and how they would react in hypnosis…you won’t stop laughing... and laughing. Not unless you're one of the guests on stage!

  • Watch out... we have pregnant guys ready to deliver 18 lb. babies
  • Don’t be alarmed when you meet a Martian or two
  • Get ready to fire off a revolutionary war cannon
  • See what it’s like to climb Niagara Falls
  • Experience instant amnesia – You can’t even say your own name!
  • Step up for a Pie Eating Contest but it may get messy
  • This is your chance to audition for Big Brother reality TV
  • How about taking your Ferrari out for a spin
  • Feel the thrill of riding the world’s tallest roller coaster
  • Get lots of cash from your own ATM machine
  • Bubble gum stickiness all over you
  • Texting contest from your shoe? Huh?
  • You’ll be looking for your missing belly button
  • Hey Maytag…what if you were a washing machine
  • The joys of a bottomless ice cream cone
  • Awful smells are coming from the person next to you
  • Focus your energy and zap something
  • Your feet are stuck to the floor and you can’t get them loose
  • You can easily put your hands together but can’t take them apart
  • Some of today’s biggest recording stars are in the show
  • The biggest guy turns out to be the weakest of them all
  • You have a magic finger that knows how to hypnotize
  • Hypnotic levitation will amaze and astound you
  • Experience mass hypnotic illusions and super hallucinations
  • You/ve learned to solve a Rubik's Cube in under 10 seconds
  • What will you do with your new photographic super memory
  • Crush an American quarter in your bare hands
  • Suddenly you can’t control yourself from hurling insults at the hypnotist
  • You can’t stop laughing at the funniest movie
  • You’ll look around and think everyone in the audience is naked
  • Get everyone out of the pool… it’s shark week
  • Once you start you just can’t stop… anything
  • You are a tourist at nude beach
  • Now you only speak in American Sign Language
  • Hypnotic telepathy…You can read other people’s minds
  • When you shoe rings you better answer it
  • Grab hold of the controls and fly this helicopter
  • You can stretch your nose all the way across the stage